You can feel our beats
We can count our hits


MOTÖRHEAD, MÖTLEY CRÜE, MÖZARTHEAD - which one doesn't fit in this row? If you take the impact of the two first ones and multiply it with the sometimes queer genius of MOZART, you may get the idea of what the last one claims to be: Captain Quirk from outa space, exploring the musical orbit to its most extended, sometimes gleamy, sometimes gloomy places... Just mix MOTÖRHEAD's anarchical spirit with MOZART's inspired geniuses - that's the genuine soul of MÖZARTHEAD's music.

So be prepared for some unique pieces of contemporary POP, ROCK, FUNK, SOUL, BLUES and whatsoever genres and classifications there are to be and to come in the orbital gap between ABBA and ZAPPA.

The spirit of  LIFE is music. The spirit of MOZARTHEAD is inspiration.

And it's definitely manifesting in the recently released FIRST ALBUM "Unheard"!

It's all in your HEADS. It's like SEX. It's all in MOZARTHEAD. It's here and now. Just listen and enjoy.




Mozart's dead - play MÖZARTHEAD!!  |  welcome@mozarthead.de